Solution overview

Platform capability

Our proprietary ADVANCES digital platform provides a centralized point of managing the following core points of a business’ workflow:

Raising and settlement of payments

i. Payment Processing:

Our digital platform is currently connected via API terminals to all major banking & payment channels e.g. Pesalink, M-PESA. This allows our users to raise & settle all their payments from a centralized point.

Raising and settlement of payments

ii. Workflow Management:

The advances platform offers a centralized module for the management of the following workflows: - Raising of procurement orders & settling of subsequent payments -Management of payroll & it’s subsequent obligations

Raising and settlement of payments

iii. Short-term trade credit facilities:

The main cause of interruption in a business’ trading cycle tends to be mismatch between it’s receivable days vs payable days. We fill this gap, by providing short-term trade credit for the following purposes