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Through it's digitized central ledger, the advances procurement module allows businesses to seamlessly manage & plan supplier payables.

Raising & Settlement of Payments

Our platform is connected via API terminals to all major payment endpoints (e.g. banks, mobile payments, saccos e.t.c). This allows our users to process & settle all their payments from one central point.

Payroll management

Our system also includes a free-to-use human resource (H.R.) module. This allows SME clients to easily manage their payroll obligations as well as extend other payroll-related services (e.g. salary advances & micro-insurance) to their staff.


Platform Capabilities

Our proprietary ADVANCES digital platform provides a centralized point of managing the following core points of a business’ workflow:

Payment Processing

Our digital platform is currently connected via API terminals to all major banking & payment channels e.g. Pesalink, M-PESA. This allows our users to raise & settle all their payments from a centralized point

Workflow Management

The advances platform offers a centralized module for the management of the following workflows: - Raising of procurement orders & settling of subsequent payments -Management of payroll & it’s subsequent obligations

Short-term trade credit facilities

The main cause of interruption in a business’ trading cycle tends to be mismatch between it’s receivable days vs payable days. We fill this gap, by providing short-term trade credit for the following purposes


Applicable Industries

Labor Intensive Sector

Handling large staff groups can be challenging for any business, particularly in instances where labor is your primary production cost. Through our proprietary ADVANCES digital platform, companies can manage all their payroll needs.

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Customer Retail

As trading margins continually thin out, the retail environment is become increasingly competitive. We therefore understand the need for retailers to best as cost-efficient as possible. In line with this, our digital platform is provides the following offerings:

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Manufacturing & Processing

In order to ensure that your trading cycle runs uninterrupted, we understand the need to efficiently manage your in-flow of raw materials & outflow of your final products. In line with this, our proprietary digital platform offers you the following functionalities:

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